What is Munipolis?

Munipolis gives municipalities, cities and institutions one of the most modern tools for SMART communication with their citizens and members.

  • It sends information via SMS, e-mails and messages to the mobile application
  • It informs about power outages, cultural events and also about lost pets/animals and about  missing persons
  • It also effectively informs elderly people and visually impaired citizens
  • It helps solve illegal dumps and issues
  • It engages citizens with polls and participatory budgets
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To have an overview of important events in the cities and towns where you live, work, or spend your free time. You will learn, for example, about block cleaning, fees, water line breaks or cultural events.

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Download the Munipolis application

With the app, you’ll have all your contacts and information from municipalities, schools, or associations at any time. With useful features like issue reporting, pet detective, or missing persons searches, you can help those around you, and in an emergency, the app will help you too!

The application works all throughout your country.

Do you already have Munipolis?

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How can you help?

Tell your representatives about Munipolis

Implementing SMART town/city communication has never been easier. Munipolis system involves1860 cities and towns for almost half a million citizens. Contact your representatives about Munipolis to your representatives or directly write to us that you would like this system to be implemented in your municipality.

Who is behind the project

Who is behind the project

Mgr. Ondřej Švrček

Author of the project Munipolis. He is a pioneer and innovator in  the field of SMART communication between municipalities and citizens.

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